I'm too old to be a boomer, but too young to be elderly. I have also been blessed with a life of variety and challenge - and a wife of 35 years to share it with. I'm blessed.

My interest in Viet Nam stems from having served two tours of duty there as an Infantry officer. I chronicle the history of one company I commanded at My wife and I met there in 1969 when she was a nurse at the 24th Evacuation Hospital. In July, 2002, we returned with Vets With a Mission on a humanitarian medical mission. We have fallen in love with Viet Nam and its people.

I retired as the Director of the Center for Distance Learning at the University of Texas-Pan American. I love to teach online, and love showing others how to do it.

But that life is behind me. My wife and I recently left the city of Hue, Viet Nam, where we both taught English at the University of Hue for 1 1/2 years. That life too is behind us, but not forgotten. Our attachment to the country and people of Viet Nam is strong.

My life is centered around God. I struggle with my faith as I believe any Christian does, but I have a warm group of friends at St. Peter and St. Paul Episcopal Church.


c. s. lewis, authors? tolkein, and guys like paul, and isaiah.

music? gotta be classic rock - or maybe a little jazz on occassion.

cigars? arturo fuente 858, arturo fuente cuban coronas, or arturo fuentes hemingway classics - they're all in the humidor. the occassional partagas #10 is good, though. women? same one for thirty some-odd years - think i'll hang on to her and see if it works out., and a nice short smoke is the macanudo petit corona. there are usually some punch punches in the humidor. the daily smoke is a macanudo duke of devon.

television? forget it. cnn international or the bbc is all i need.

kids? have one son, and he's busy being a husband and father to four. good collegiate rowing coach